Friday, September 23, 2011

上海 Shanghai

     Just some of the photos I took during my weekend in Shanghai. (We were in town for District Conference.) The group I was with was intent on shopping, so that is pretty much all we did there. It was still pretty cool; I'll actually probably plan a trip back at some point to see more of the sites.
     Shopping was pretty cool, the salespeople were incredibly pushy in getting people to buy from them and they all spoke English with such phrases as "shoes? wallet? you need wallet? pants? jeans? purse? suitcase? you need suitcase? you come in look, okay?" all this from about twenty people at the same time from different shops. It's best not to give them anything to go on, so I just kept a slight smile on my face and said nothing, making sure not to stop and give them a chance to force anything on me. It was pretty cool. I had my first experience with bargaining over prices, which I don't think I did very well. Regardless, I bought a Peak Performance jacket for about $40. Pretty sure it's a fake. There was also a place to get tailor-maid suits for really cheap. (I hear Beijing has them for cheaper, plus I'll have more time there.)
     If anyone wants anything from China, by the way, (and I know you relatively well in person) I would be happy to price things out for you. (ps. Look, Isaac! Your shirt's in China!)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Me on the Li River between Guilin and Yangshuo. Going to Shanghai tomorrow for the weekend. District Conference. Taking a five hour train in about four hours. Excuse the brevity.